presents archival digital print editions by
visual artist Gene Gort. All images here have been produced
by placing objects on or above a flatbed scanner. No camera has been used in the process, hence the name. Each image is produced as a signed, closed edition of 10 prints. Each print has a one inch white border and sizes refer to actual paper size. All images are for sale unframed. Size and price varies depending on the individual edition. See inventory and availability page for details. All purchases are accompanied with a signed document of authenticity which states the edition number, the number of artist proofs per each edition printed and a guarantee that the edition is closed; no additional prints will be made of that image in that size. The artist retains the right to print the image in an open edition in other dimensions. All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission of the artist.
Please check back for new editions and news. If you care to be notified when new work is listed on this website, please email us with a request.


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